Black Raspberry brings to each client a wealth of research experience that spans a wide array of product categories. 

Word Around the Water Cooler

What our clients have to say

“Dr. Raspberry facilitates, interprets, and analyzes focus groups and ethnography. Her innate ability to extract the genuine WHYs from her subjects makes her a cultural consulting and insight expert into the African American community.”
Director Consumer & Business Insights

Fast Food Company

“Patricia is a researcher, an adventurer, a scholar, and a partner. She pursues the truth in all its forms wherever it may be. She is focused, relentless and the embodiment of curiosity and collaboration; and the company is the embodiment of her.”
Planning Director

General Market Advertising Agency

“Patricia Raspberry is incredibly capable of delivering the highest quality work within her well-defined niche target market. Her professionalism is exemplary. Her integrity is unmatched. Her abilities as a moderator are preternatural.”
Marketing Manager

Automotive Company

“Black Raspberry Consumer Insights is the trusted source when it comes to delivering contemporary, culturally relevant African American insights. They give the African American community a voice brands rarely ignore.”
Senior Planner

Multicultural Advertising Agency

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