Let’s talk…

The period we are in right now is unprecedented, unpredictable, unmooring and in many respects, unfathomable. It’s virtually impossible to consider what’s coming next, simply because it’s so difficult to wrap our minds around what’s taking place on a daily basis.

Yet, as researchers and marketers, thinking about the future is what we do all the time—even now.

You may be wondering:

  • How consumers’ lives, wants and needs have changed in the midst of (and will be forever be changed as a result of) COVID-19?
  • What consumers’ relationships with your brand will look like post-COVID?
  • How to convey that your company recognizes and understands consumers’ current concerns, fears and desire for comfort and security in the midst of such uncertainty?
  • How to convey that your company believes that Black Lives Matter in an authentic and meaningful way, without appearing to pander or capitalize on a seismic and substantive cultural shift?

Know that, at Black Raspberry, we are thinking about answers to those and many other questions, and we are here when you are ready to talk.

We are still conducting incisive qualitative research projects (online), and our goal remains the same—to ask deep questions that get to consumers’ honest opinions about advertising, products, brands… and life. 

When you’re ready, just reach out.

In the meantime, be safe.